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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Still very heavy!!

What an excellent start to 2008! The first picture says it all… it was the same exciting thought on every parent’s mind, ``Wow! We don’t have to buy textbooks this year!’’
Yes, and that made all the kids happy too.

There was no need to stay up the night and pack all the brand new text books into a brand new school bag.

So, the first schooling day of 2008 saw parents sending off their kids with very light bags.
The kids were overjoyed. They didn’t have to bend over lugging heavy school bags with all the text books they had bought.

Some just slung the bag over their shoulder of off they went!!
But, the scenario was totally different went they came returned back from school. It was the same picture of 2007!! Little kids with bulging bags, trudging home.

So, what do we do? The solution is simple of course. Just take some time off in the night to pack the school bag according to the timetable given by your teachers.

Then, you won’t complain about heavy bags anymore. And, you won’t have to worry that you might forget to bring any book because your teacher will follow the timetable given to you.
So, parents and kids, be happy.

It is a wonderful start to the year 2008 with free books and less fees to pay. All you got to do is pay attention and enjoy your year at school.

Time is precious. Enjoy every minute of it.